At The Organic Compounding Pharmacy we carry a wide variety of herbals and tinctures for a more natural alternative care.

Our sources for Herbals are clean, effective, tested, and Organic.

Our most trusted herbals brand is St. Francis Herb Farm. St. Francis Herb Farm began nearly 30 years ago with a young family, a small farm and a simple idea: to craft herbal medicines using traditional methods that have been used for hundreds of years, because that’s the way that yields the best results.

St Francis Herb Farm uses the whole herb, because it contains all the active ingredients working together in perfect balance. That’s the age-old way of making herbal medicines. Using whole herbs also means we know exactly what we’re getting—we have seen powdered herbs from third parties that have been compromised. This is more than a “best practice”. It is a belief in and a respect for the traditional methods of herbal medicine.