Hydrolyzed collagen is the best way to cover all your bases (and feel great doing it). Hydrolyzed collagen is packed with the amino acids your body needs to build and repair your skin, bones, and joints.

Hydrolyzed powder is most bioavailable. The higher bioavailability means increased absorption into the bloodstream.

Benefits include:

  1. Helps Skin & Anti-aging
  2. Reduces joint pain
  3. Improves digesiton
  4. Promotes healthy hair
  5. Enhances weight loss

Joint Pain

Collagen is a vital part of of healthy cartilage, as we age collagen levels decrease, your cartilage starts to degrade.  Without proper diet or supplementation, this can lead to problems such as joint inflammation and arthritis. We’ve seen incredible results in helping joint pain with a supplement called Arthroben.

Arthroben is used as a management of osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal inflammation related to athletic or other physical activity. As effective as naproxen in managing knee osteoarthritis. Provides increased mobility and function. Stimulates connective tissue repair.

Arthroben is a safe, effective, non-NSAID, anti-inflammatory formula offered in a highly absorbable powder free of flavorings and sweeteners. Its combination of nutrients work synergistically to reduce inflammation, stimulate connective tissue repair and increase joint mobility and function.