Do you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction?

You are not alone. We can provide
effective confidential care.

Our pharmacists are urologists trusted and can provide custom made treatments

It’s important to know that you are not alone if you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, nearly 30 million men are affected by it.

At The Organic Compounding Pharmacy we offer specialized care for those affected by Erectile Dysfunction. We work closely with your doctor to create a tailor made treatment for you.

fast acting rapid dissolve tablets

Our compounded rapid dissolve tablets offer greater effectiveness, shorter onset of action and higher bioavailability. The rapid dissolve tablets are absorbed sublingually, bypassing gastrointestinal absorption, thus minimizing any side effects.


The Organic Compounding Pharmacy has a state of the art sterile room where we compound specialized injectable formulas. Whether it’s a tri-mix injectable or super-mix injectable, we work with you and your urologist to find the exact formula that best suits your needs. Our pharmacy makes these injectables to order, never frozen, ensuring that the quality and effectiveness is superior.

Have any questions? Contact us. We provide the best erectile dysfunction consultation in Canada.