Tips for Holiday Eating – Follow these tips to not put on extra weight

Tips for Holiday Eating – Follow these tips to not put on extra weight this season.

Tis’ the season for staff parties, friend get togethers and family dinners. Between schmoozing with coworkers and devouring tradition holiday fare, it’s quite easy to put on holiday weight over a few weeks. Here are few tips devised by our healthy weight loss coach that will keep your cravings satisfied, along with your waistline.


1) Don’t skip any meals.

Between gift shopping and the endless prepping for the holidays, time management is always difficult during the holidays. It is important to not skip any meals, especially during the day of any event. Skipping breakfast or lunch can cause you to overeat during dinnertime. If you’re always on the go, it’s a great idea to pack some heart healthy snacks such as raw veggies or some almonds paired up with some berries. If you find that you’re stress eating due to your busy schedule, find some time to meditate, do some breathing exercises or exercise.


2) Avoid or limit hors d’oeurves.

They may be little and delicious, but a few rounds of hors d’oeurves can easily equate to the macronutrient intake of a full meal. We suggest cutting it out all together! Keeping your distance from the hors d’oeurves table is our best tip. This will also ensure you get to socialize and catch up with friends and family. If you’re throwing your own party, some healthy suggestions are:

1) Roasted mushroom caps stuffed with puréed roasted peppers and onions

2) Cucumber canapés with smoked salmon and dill

3) Spicy roasted cauliflower bites with avocado guacamole

4) Grilled asparagus (wrapped with prosciutto as an option)


3) Pour wisely (alcohol)

We suggest cutting alcohol out altogether. However, if need be, alternating alcohol with a serving of sparking or flat water is highly suggested. More so, creating a spritzer (adding sparkling water to your alcoholic beverage) will help you limit alcohol intake while you maintain social etiquette. PS. Don’t Drink and drive, please make driving arrangements such as UBER.


4) Bring on the veggies!

Before filling your plate with proteins and starches, fill half your plate with vegetables. Ensure you get the entire rainbow of various colours of vegetables. Also, eat your vegetables before your starches and proteins. This will help with satiety and keep you feeling full without overeating on the carbs.


5) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Keep a glass of water with your meal (even if you have an alcoholic beverage). Yes back to the h2o! Before your main meal, drink a full glass of water, and throughout your meal, drink another glass of water. This will help curb any overeating.


6) Savour every bite.

You’ve waited the entire year for this wonderful joyous time with family and traditional food. Take your time, chew slowly, and actually enjoy the wonderful flavours. Engage in conversations during your meal, this will help you eat more slowly. This will also increase the amount of time your stomach has to produce digestive enzymes that help chemically break down your food, as well as physically break down your food.


7) Eat until satisfied, not stuffed.

This is not an eating competition, keep in mind, you’ll have wonderful leftovers to enjoy throughout the next couple of days.


8) Watch your sweet tooth.

It’s been a long year and you’ve worked hard. You deserve to indulge; after all, life is about balance. We suggest limiting yourself to only one dessert. For those willing to sacrifice, fruits are another way to indulge your sweet tooth. Keep in mind, indulging doesn’t mean this is your opportunity to fall into bad habits.  This is a small reward for doing so well!


9) Be active.

Being with family and friends isn’t just about food. Start a family tradition of some sort of physical activity such as: skating, playing charades, playing street hockey, twister or even go for a lovely stroll to view the neighbours decorations. This will help in caloric expenditure.


The holidays are when the best memories are made. When all is said and done, don’t feel guilty! Creating the moments that make you happy and release any stress is the most important thing this time of season. Keep these holiday eating tips in mind this season.


I wish you a safe and happy holidays,

Marco Della Pia

Your Healthy Weight Loss Coach


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