Anesthetic Creams

Anesthetic Creams

The largest cosmetic clinics use our anesthetic numbing creams

microneedling and fractora anesthetic cream

Our anesthetic creams are trusted by cosmetic clinics throughout the country.

We use a formula of 23% Lidocaine and 7% Tetracaine with our proprietary base. Our anesthetic cream is more effective and provides a stronger numbing effect.  The last thing you want is you patient enduring the pain of your cosmetic procedure!

Our compounding method also ensures the best quality for maximum anesthetic effect. We also use the highest quality control and tested ingredients in our anesthetic creams.

Do you have a cosmetic clinic and need a more effective option? Contact us.

lip injection anesthetics

The Organic Compounding Pharmacy has created a unique formula which speeds up the numbing effect for any lip or under eye injection.  The numbing effect only takes 5-10 minutes!

Quality is our guarantee. Contact us if you have any questions.

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