Progesterone Suppositories

We compound Progesterone Suppositories

What are Progesterone Suppositories?

Progesterone Suppositories are vaginal suppositories that contain the natural hormone progesterone which are sourced from yams. Progesterone Suppositories are used for the treatment of infertility due to luteal phase defects or ovulation problems and also for the treatment of recurrent spontaneous miscarriages.

How does Progesterone Suppositories work?

Progesterone is a hormone released within the body that stimulates the uterus, preparing the endometrium for the possibility of pregnancy after ovulation. The uterine lining thickens to receive the fertilized egg. It also prevents the uterus from contracting in order to reject an embryo.The progesterone hormone is absorbed slowly from the vagina to replace or add to normal progesterone levels in the blood.

The Organic Compounding Pharmacy uses the highest quality sourced micronized Progesterone powder for the best absorption.