Electrolyte Synergy™ is a complete and balanced electrolyte formula to help promote optimal hydration, especially after excessive sweating. It contains potassium, sodium, chloride and magnesium, the main electrolytes found in the body. This product also contains D-ribose because of its importance in healthy cardiac function, exercise recovery and energy production, while taurine is included as a regulator of cellular electrolyte flow. This product has a delicious natural lemon-orange flavour, is sugar-free, and gets its sweetness from a small amount of the natural herb stevia.

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Electrolyte SynergyTM is a complete and balanced electrolyte formula to help promote optimal hydration, especially after excessive sweating or other fluid loss. This product has a delicious natural lemon-orange flavour, is sugar-free, and gets its sweetness from small amounts of the natural herb stevia.

Electrolytes play a critical role in the body. The main electrolytes found in the body are potassium, sodium, chloride and magnesium. Through a biochemical process, electrolytes become ions that can conduct electricity. The body requires these electrical signals as a means of communication within itself. Electrolyte function is critical to specific areas such as cardiovascular health, adrenal health, diabetes and endurance exercise.


Potassium is especially important due to its role in heartbeat regulation and muscle function, specifically that of muscle contraction.1 When potassium is not properly balanced, hyperkalemia (abnormally high levels of potassium) can occur, or if potassium levels drop too low, hypokalemia can occur. These conditions, and others associated with this imbalance, can create cardiac abnormalities which can be potentially life-threatening. It is difficult to assess the true concentration of these minerals in the body, because blood levels may be maintained in the normal ranges at the expense of levels elsewhere. The body works hard to regulate mineral levels, since any steep fluctuation — either too low or too high — may result in dangerous heart arrhythmias. Low potassium can result in elevated sodium within the cell because the two must be maintained at the proper ratio. Therefore, the proper balance of these chemicals is of critical importance in keeping fluid levels normal and thus, blood pressure regulated. Regulation of the flow of potassium and magnesium intercellularly and extracellularly is also important in the regulation of blood pressure.

This formula also contains vitamin C, along with quercetin and bioflavonoids found naturally in citrus fruit. Vitamin C supports the cardiovascular system by helping to build healthy collagen, which is one of the main structural components of blood vessels. Additionally, vitamin C and these synergystic compounds offer anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and vasoprotective benefits, including helping to maintain capillary integrity.2-7 Abnormal capillary leakiness may result in aches, pains and weakness in the extremities, nighttime leg cramps, and easy bruising/bleeding from even very minor trauma.


In today’s high-stress society, adrenal burnout and other hormonal disturbances are commonplace. Weak adrenals, for example, make the body unable to hold onto potassium. The adrenal glands produce three major groups of steroid hormones collectively called corticosteroids – the mineral corticoids, the glucocorticoids, and the sex hormones. The mineral corticoids are produced by the outermost layer of the adrenal cortex and regulate the mineral content of the blood. During times of stress, the body’s need for vitamin C may be increased, as vitamin C is crucial for healthy adrenal function.8

Hyponatremia is considered the most common electrolyte imbalance, where sodium levels are lower than normal. This condition is closely connected to disorders of the parathyroid glands, which help control the amount of calcium in the blood (normal calcium levels help maintain muscle control). Parathyroid hormone (PTH) acts as a counter to calcitonin. When calcium levels drop in the blood, PTH releases calcium into the blood from stores in bone tissue. The sodium imbalance in hyponatremia can be attributed to abnormal anti-diuretic hormone, aldosterone, or kidney function (the kidneys work to keep electrolyte levels in the blood constant despite changes in the body).9


Diabetes is the most obvious metabolic disease that can bring about the need for electrolyte balance. Among the telltale symptoms of diabetes are intense thirst and abnormally frequent urination, which are associated with an electrolyte imbalance involving sodium. When the body has adequate fluids, coupled with the appropriate amount of insulin, sodium and other chemicals tend to balance out. Diabetic ketoacidosis is a complication treated with intravenous fluids (to dilute the glucose levels in the system and rehydrate the dehydrated person), with insulin (to aid in helping glucose get into the cells), and with electrolytes (usually potassium, sodium, phosphates, and bicarbonates) which also aid in getting glucose into the cells and correcting the acidosis created by dangerously high ketone levels.10,11 Two of the most common electrolytes that need replacing are potassium and sodium. Patients living with diabetes and other metabolic diseases are often prone to electrolyte imbalances.


Electrolyte SynergyTM can be an important aid in supporting cardiovascular health and replenishing electrolytes lost during exercise, particularly during warmer weather or after an intense session that results in significant sweating.12-17 This formula includes taurine, which supports healthy blood pressure and regulates the flow of electrolytes in and out of the cell. It also governs osmotic control (prevents dehydration and catabolism), is a natural diuretic, and aids insulin function.18-21 D-Ribose is included in this powdered formula because of its importance for cardiac function, exercise recovery and energy production.22-25

This complete and balanced electrolyte formula can be used to improve symptoms of dehydration after excessive diarrhea or vomiting, or after excessive sweating. Athletes may benefit from regular use of Electrolyte SynergyTM. Chronic stress can lead to low levels of one or more of these electrolytes, especially magnesium and potassium. Symptoms may include fatigue, lethargy, dizziness, cramping or twitching, tachycardia, arrhythmia, heavy legs, irritability and/or noise sensitivity. Patients with sodium-sensitive hypertension should not take Electrolyte SynergyTM. This product is not recommended for patients with a pacemaker, nor for patients with high blood sodium or potassium levels. Children can take Electrolyte SynergyTM during any illness involving diarrhea or vomiting to prevent dehydration.


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